Eur Ing and FEANI

The title Eur Ing stands for European Engineer and is conferred by FEANI.

The title is prenominal, that is it comes before the name. In fact it takes precedence over all other titles with the exception of military rank. Thus a Professor who is also a knight would be styled Eur Ing Professor Sir.....

The member countries of FEANI cover a large proportion of Europe, as can be seen from this map:

History of FEANI

Several international technical associations were established in the years following the end of the Second World War, FEANI among them. In June 1949, 340 engineers met in a Congress held in Konstanz (Germany). The theme of this congress was:

`Role of the engineer in modern society'

Among motions which were adopted, one stated that the participants:`decide jointly to pursue the task already begun by setting up an international organisation, temporarily limited to Europe, whose goal will be to strengthen the presence of engineers in every national and international movement of economical and social dimension'.

This motion bore fruit and an international federation,`Federation Internationale d'Associations Nationale d'Ingenieurs' (FIANI) was created in September 1951. Seven European countries (Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy and Luxembourg) were among the founding countries. Soon after, other countries joined the Federation, whose name was changed into `Federation Europeenne d'Associations Nationales d'Ingenieurs' (FEANI) in July 1956 to reflect its European focus.

Today there are 23 member countries and new applications are currently expected. More than 1,500,000 European engineers are assembled under the FEANI banner.

FEANI is a founding member of the World Federation of Engineering Organisations (WFEO) and collaborates with many other organisations dealing with engineering sectoral problems and education. Its representativity has been officially recognised by the European Commission.

Aims of FEANI

The Register

All European Engineers are registered by FEANI. The purpose of the Register is: Hence, in future, it could prove difficult for engineers who are not registered to practise in Europe.

FEANI in the UK

In the United Kingdom the nominating body to FEANI is the British National Committee for International Engineering Affairs (BNCIEA), which is housed by the
Engineering Council 10 Maltravers Street, London, WC2R 3ER Tel: +44 171 240 7891 Fax: +44 171 240 7517

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