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Welcome to NoWAY

This website is maintained by the NoWAY protest group. We represent the 72% of the people of Yelvertoft who DO NOT WANT THIS DEVELOPMENT!

Planning decision reached by DDC on 25th November 2009. They REFUSED permission !!!

The Appeal Public Inquiry is over. The Inspector's Decision is published.

The Inspector has upheld the Appeal and permission is granted. Read the Inspector's Decision HERE.

We are still subject to a large number of proposals in the immediate area.

See a map showing ALL KNOWN proposals in this area HERE

Our reasons for NOT wanting this development are soundly based on facts, rather than speculation.

It is a FACT that wind turbines in this part of England typically only operate for less than one quarter of the time.

It is a FACT that the energy output from wind turbines in this part of England is NOT always easily connected to the distribution grid owing to the unpredictable and intermittent nature of the wind.

It is a FACT that wind turbines are VERY NOISY when fully operational. It is also a FACT that the blades of a typical turbine can be 'feathered' so that there is no noise (but also no energy generated) and that this is often done when interested parties are invited to visit the installation.